IT Business Support for all Sectors

PC Support Midlands Ltd has over 15 years experience in the IT sector supporting a wide range of customers in almost all sectors as well as customers all over the world, specialising in providing systems and support for business.

We meet our client's needs by using a range of tools and methods designed to provide the customer or end user with the best experience possible and the most efficient, cost effective solutions.

We are able to offer multiple methods of contact to suit the customer and queue prioritising to offer support to the most urgent cases, ensuring that the customer's needs are constantly met.

Onsite Support

PC Support Midlands Ltd offers onsite support for all computer problems where it is necessary for an engineer to visit your premises to carry out any installations, repairs or upgrades - ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Remote & Telephone

Pay per incident support. All telephone and remote support performed is billed at the end of each month with a report of work carried out for each incident. This ensures all prices are confirmed prior to any work being undertaken.

Live Support

Sometimes just a quick online chat is all that is needed. By using the online chat button we can quickly and efficiently find a solution for your IT problems. As with online chat, simple questions can be answered via email, often at no cost.

Ticket Systems

If you want to keep track of an incident, the online ticket system allows you to raise an incident and track responses as well as giving you the opportunity to safely send attachments and screenshots outside of the email system.